The gut unlocks your beauty from within

Gut health is quite a broad term that gets thrown around but it is really about the balance of your gut microbiota within your gastrointestinal tract. These days, gut health is gaining more traction with its growing importance side by side with collagen as there is increasing solid evidence that shows the gut affects many things in our body including our skin, mood, immune system, digestion, heart and even the brain.

We’re here to explore why gut health is one of the best kept secrets to a radiant skin. A healthy gut is required for the followings:

Prevents various skin conditions

Skin conditions such as acne breakouts, eczema and rashes are likely symptoms of a damaged gut health. The gut microbiota actually plays an important role in modulating your immune system and responses. The immune system helps to keep pathogens away from your body and also maintains a healthy tolerance to your own body’s tissue. Pathogens are infectious bacteria that can produce toxins that causes your body and skin to react negatively.

Maintains gut bacteria's composition

A poor or imbalanced food dietary intake and medication can lead to bad bacteria overpopulating in your gut, which in turn affects your digestion, immunity and skin health. Common causes of the gut becoming imbalanced can be from taking medication which kills the ‘good’ bacteria and changes in your diet. More sugar and less fibre in your diet causes the ‘bad’ bacteria to outgrow the ‘good’ bacteria so keep this in mind when considering your dietary plans. When the gut bacteria’s composition is imbalance, with more bad bacteria, it can lead to skin inflammation which will cause redness and skin sensitivity.

Slows down skin aging

Skin can perform its functions such as water retention, regenerates and renewal through homeostasis. There have been increasing studies to demonstrate that intestinal microbiota can influence the skin homeostasis. The skin will look healthier when the epidermal turnover functions at its optimal level which will serve as an effective skin barrier to limit the water evaporation, preserve the skin moisture and slow down skin aging. The research has also shown that certain probiotics have been proven to be capable of reversing the UV induced skin aging.  

Improves mood

When you have an imbalanced and a leaky gut, your gut is colonized by ‘bad’ bacteria that will compete for your own body’s nutrients which will affect your digestion and overall mood. When you are feeling happy, your body releases serotonin. 95% of serotonin is produced by your gut. On the other hand, when you are stress or unhappy, your body will produce cortisol that inhibits the production of collagen and increases the production of oil that lead to acne.

Enhances nutrient absorption

Skin requires nutrients to in order to perform its functions effectively such as protection, temperate regulation, regeneration and healing. Poor absorption of nutrients necessary for a healthy skin can be due to an imbalanced and leaky gut. Beneficial intestinal bacteria supports your digestion and even produces some key nutrients such as biotin, Vitamin K and essential fatty acids which are key for healthy glowing skin.


How does Harmony play a role with Radiance?

Harmony uses a bio-fermented blend which contains a broad spectrum of probiotics but also has added Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Bacillus Coagulans probiotics for optimal benefits. Taking probiotics will help you to keep a balanced microbiome as this will ensure you are getting a good diversity of microbiome given that each probiotic strains are unique and provide different benefits. Not only that, you also get Vitamin C and Vitamin D, along with the benefits of an antioxidant rich berries blend and grape seed extract.

Health issues within your gut will show on your skin on the outside so it is very important to maintain both inside and outside of your body which is the reason why we recommend taking our Harmony together with Radiance as it provides a holistic beauty approach that addresses the root cause of the key concerns.

Written by Maeraki team