What's inside Harmony?

Harmony gut restore powder

Harmony is made from fully natural clean ingredients which consist of a bio fermented blend, grape seed extract with 95% proanthocyanidins, prebiotics, probiotics, nutrients packed organic berries blend, chia seed and shiitake mushroom.

Fermented organic blend: sunflower kernels, pepitas, mung beans, brown rice, red lentils, chickpeas, linseed, agave, millet, quinoa - Harmony’s organic fermented blend undergoes a multi stage organic fermentation using a mixed population of naturally occurring Lactobacillus bacteria and yeast (S. Boulardii & S. Cerevisiae). The fermentation process helps to break down complex food and nutrients into simpler forms which are more easily absorbed. The process provides for successive fermentations such that competition effects contribute to selection of dominant species ensuring high number of active, viable lactic acid bacteria are present. All of these processes happen under precise control of temperature and pH for optimum conditions with organic products being stored in impermeable containers to control contamination with non-organic products. The result is a highly bioavailable gut friendly blend that helps with balancing your gut microflora.

Chia seed – Coming from the plant Salvia Hispanica, Chia seed is an ancient grain rich in fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium, phosphorus and zinc. Chia seeds are great for lowering cholesterol with its high omega-3 fatty acids and improving gut health with its good fiber content.

Grape seed extract – rich in antioxidants especially with 95% proanthocyanidins (a class of polyphenol) these phytochemicals are great for its benefits of being antimicrobial to weed out the bad bacteria to restore your gut, modulates the immune system which lowers inflammation, protect your body from sun damage and in general reduces oxidative stress on cells.

Berries blend: acai berry, goji berry, amla berry, pomegranate and acerola berry –  with a high antioxidant ability, these berries provide protection from free radical damage, reduce inflammation and further enhance your immunity.

Shiitake Mushroom High Vitamin D – Vitamin D plays an important role in aiding calcium absorption. Additionally, Vitamin D plays an equally important role in your gut health and immunity. Vitamin D also contribute to antimicrobial activity through stimulation of antimicrobial peptides such as cathelicidin and defensins which are essential to maintain a healthy gut microflora.

Pre-and-Probiotics – Probiotics inhibit pathogenic bacteria and prebiotics are basically ‘food’ for probiotics that help promote the growth of these beneficial bacteria. These beneficial probiotics also help modulate the immune system, reduce inflammation and improve nutrient absorption.