10 tips to stay healthy this festive season

As the festive season approaches, our bodies often tense up at the thought of excessive food and alcohol consumption. Forget everyday routines and say hello to eating leftovers at 11pm from the fridge and Christmas pudding for breakfast. Take control this festive season. We are here to offer you ten tips to enjoy the festive season without risking the health and wellness of your mind, body and soul.

1.A cup of peppermint tea before bed

Finish the night off with a hot cup of peppermint tea. Peppermint tea helps with digestion and helps soothe the stomach after a large meal. A healthy candy cane some might say!

2.Head for a morning ocean swim

As the weather warms up here in Australia, we recommend a morning swim. Proven to help with health and wellness, by refreshing your muscles and exposing you to the morning sunshine for some vitamin D. Leaving you ready for the day!

3.Have a nutritious breakfast

Does anyone else feel like days in December are shorter!? Before you know it, it’s 3pm and the family are on the way over for dinner. Starting your morning with a nutritious breakfast like a smoothie bowl, to ensure that you get vitamins and minerals in before a crazy day.

4.Fill your home with fresh flowers

Stop in and grab fresh flowers from your local florist, to sooth the mind. Beautiful flowers around the home are bound to make you smile among the chaos!

5.Have your marine collagen powder

Mix a scoop of your Maeraki Radiance Powder into a glass of cold water to aid with vitamin C absorption, increase collagen production and skin hydration. Your skin will thank you.

6.Practice meditation

Try to do 5 minutes of mediation before bed each night. This will help with self-awareness, lowering stress levels, relieving anxiety and improving brain functioning. With all those benefits it might be something to include all year round!

7.Limit time on your phone

Christmas time is the perfect time to leave your phone alone. With no work and your friends and family around you, try and find time to put your phone in another room for a few hours. This will help declutter the mind and make your soul feel full.

8.Give back to your community

Christmas is a time to realise how lucky we are and that people in our community aren’t always as fortunate. Make time to volunteer or donate to a local charity to give back.

9.Bake your favourite Christmas treats (and eat them!)

Although it is important to be mindful of what you eat, Christmas is the time for treats! Bake your favourite biscuits or cake recipes and enjoy eating them with your family. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

10.Spend time outside

Last but not least, if you find your mind feeling cluttered, take time to go outside and just breathe. Christmas is a time for celebration and fun, don’t let it take a toll on your mental health. Enjoy the celebrations!

Written by Maeraki team