About Us

Founded and locally owned in Australia on the basis of natural food nutrition, Maeraki Australia's mission is to provide unique formulations based on extremely premium clean ingredients. There are many products in the market that provide a specific aid in your dietary health so we also look to simplify the segregation of products in the market by providing more holistic products to you with true transparency while delivering a whole new experience for you.

At Maeraki Australia, our qualified natural health consultants have worked tirelessly with food technologists, microbiologists and naturopathist to deliver nutrient dense premium products that nourishes your body and skin from within. Our vision is make luxury nutritional supplements accessible and effective. We stand for nature in its purest form.

Our Philosophies

100% natural premium clean ingredients
We source only the highest quality and sustainable ingredients that are subject to strict regulation standards both in Australia and overseas. We only use ingredients that are clean, free from pollutants and toxic and backed by science.

No synthetic nutrients
We are committed to use only ingredients harvested from nature. All our nutrients originate from a natural food source. In this age you could easily obtain micronutrients and vitamins from synthetic supplements which you can never be sure of its side effects, bioavailability or if the benefits are truly the same as its natural counterpart. We strive to provide the macronutrients, micronutrients and vitamins naturally.

Optimal potency
Nutrients are only effective if we take them in a meaningful dosage. We carefully formulated a dosage that ensures you are receiving the most out of the natural goodness of our products with no ingredient taking a backseat. Our products deliver generous and high potency per serving, truly luxurious both in nutrients and supercharged ingredients.

Our commitment to the environment

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