Maeraki is committed to play a part in coping with inflation

Rising fuel, electricity and food prices which overall increasing the cost of living is no doubt the hottest topic currently in the news and foreseeable future.  On top of the increase in cost of living, the rise in interest rate in the effort to combat the inflation which is currently sitting at 5.1% according to the first quarter of 2022 report, adding pressure to home owners with loans. Millions of people are affected by the increase in cost of living and people are meticulously tracking their expenditure.

The cost of the raw ingredients has gone up significantly which are visibly seen in the rise in grocery prices. According to the latest CPI figures in the first quarter of 2022, vegetable and fruit prices rose by 6.6% and 4.9% respectively. The rise in raw ingredients price and cost of production are affecting thousands of businesses which some have decided to pass on the increase in cost to the consumers.

grocery inflation

For Maeraki, the rise in cost of raw ingredients, packaging, labour cost and logistics all increase the overall cost of production of our supplements. However, even so, we are committed not to pass on the rise in production cost to our customers as we want to remain truthful to our philosophy of making premium supplements affordable. According to the latest ABS statistic, to cope with the rising cost of living, approximately 800,0000 Australians now work two jobs. There are more and more big companies outsourcing their production overseas but the least we can do at Maeraki is ensure all our products are manufactured locally in Australia in order to help out the local job market. On top of that, we are also active in supporting the local charities assisting thousands of struggling Australians. Read our giving back to society post to find out more.

We are still one of the only companies in Australia offering high concentration of premium quality marine collagen per serving with overall generous powder weight in each of our supplement. Our Pure Marine Collagen is offering 8g per serving of pure wild caught marine collagen powder that is MSC certified with total supplement weight of 200g, which makes each g of collagen only at the price of 0.29 cent.

At Maeraki, we constantly educate our customers on how to select the best valued collagen powders that will suit their needs which is even more important given the context of inflation to ensure you are getting bang for buck. We highly recommend reading How to choose the best collagen that suits your needs for more information on this. There are companies that market themselves as valued for money providing many servings e.g. 30 servings but the overall weight is only at 90g, which makes each serving only providing 3g of quality supplement powder. Marine collagen is only effective when taken in optimal dosage with many clinical trials are based on minimum 5g.

Maeraki is founded not on the basis to earn profits but it is for the passion and drive to provide value to the society and thus we want to ensure we do not disappoint the people who support and believe in our products. Each purchase of Maeraki supplement not only will provide the best quality to the buyer but also helping out many of the Australians who are struggling.

Written by Maeraki team