Simple changes to your daily life for a healthier skin and hair

Nowadays, especially after the COVID19 pandemic, our lives are getting busier and more hectic. We often don’t have sufficient time to implement a thorough beauty regime to keep our skin and hair healthy. As the saying goes, sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of our life. Just making a few simple changes to our daily lifestyle is all we need to take our skin and hair to the next level. These are a few lifestyle changes that we can incorporate in our daily life with little effort but brings visible results:

Work on your hair first during shower

During your shower, always begin by washing your hair first. Once you have done washing your hair, apply hair conditioner or hair mask to allow the conditioner to be absorbed while you wash your body. Focus on applying the conditioner at the ends of your hair only, starting from the oldest and most damaged parts of your hair. Don’t apply the conditioner on the roots and scalp because it can actually lead to over conditioning your hair. Finally rinse your hair after showering your body.

Put a body lotion and a water bottle on your bedside table

Moisturise your skin and drink plenty of water. Both steps are what we are often told to do if we want to have a great skin. Although they sound as simple as they are but often time we still tend to forget to do so. Thus, in order to remind ourselves not to forget these steps, place the body lotion and a water bottle on your bedside table. You can now apply the body lotion just before going to bed and drink the water first thing in the morning when you wake up. Consistency in doing this is key to achieving results.

Put the beauty supplements beside your water station

Our hair and skin need essential nutrients to thrive. Our daily dietary consumption is insufficient to provide the extra nutrients for our hair and skin nourishment. Thus, by consuming beauty supplements, they will make up for the lack of nutrients that the hair and skin need for rejuvenation. Therefore, always place your beauty supplements beside or near your water station so you will remember to take them whenever you grab your water. However, be mindful that some of the beauty supplements should be stored away from sunlight in order to preserve the bioactive ingredients of the supplement.

Apply skincare products on your neck

A good skincare regime along with a healthy lifestyle is inevitably a holistic approach to a healthier skin. However, people often tend to forget neck is also one of the most visible parts of the skin which is also not spared from the signs of ageing. After applying the skincare products on your face, ensure to also apply to your neck.

Pat your face dry after rinsing

After rinsing our face, we tend to wipe it dry because it seems logical and the quickest way to dry our skin. However, by wiping our face, the motion will create a friction between the towel and our skin which will speed up the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on our face. Thus, instead of wiping, pat your face dry instead.

Don’t use the same body towel for your face

Often for the purpose of convenience, it might seem like a good option to use our body towel to dry our face. However, it is a bad idea because used towels, although are dry, will still have bacteria built up and they lead to acne breakouts. Keep a separate towel and throw it out for washing after each use.


Written by Maeraki Team