The best marine collagen supplement in Australia

Marine collagen powder

Marine collagen takes its crown when it comes to the holy grail of ingestible beauty products because marine collagen has been proven to be able to combat signs of premature ageing. Marine collagen has the highest concentration of type 1 collagen which is the foundation for beautiful skin, hair and nails.

So how do you know if you are getting the best marine collagen supplements on the market given there are so many other different brands? These are the reasons how Maeraki’s marine collagen differentiates itself from its competitors.

Wild caught fish only

Maeraki’s marine collagen powder is derived from 100% wild caught fish skin only. Wild caught fish from deep ocean are viewed as more premium compared to farmed fish. The latter is due to the fact that wild caught fish are not as prone to disease, free from contaminants and not injected with any chemicals to keep them healthy. Farmed fish on the other hand are raised in crowded aquacultures which increases risk of disease due to the water easily being contaminated. When a disease breakout in an aquaculture, chemicals intervention will often be required to control the disease as well as to keep the fish healthy.

High potency

Each serve of our marine collagen contains 8000mg/8g of premium marine collagen powder which makes it one of the highest concentration marine collagen supplements on the current market. Nutrients provide nourishment to our body and are only effective if they are taken in a meaningful dosage. Many clinical trial results of marine collagen are based on at least 5000mg/5g of marine collagen powder to demonstrate the effectiveness and thus any intake that is below that benchmark is deemed as not very impactful.

Reasonable price

One of the Maeraki’s missions is to make premium ingestible beauty supplements accessible. In the face of inflation, Maeraki keeps true to its mission of keeping the price affordable. You can always find out if the collagen powder that you purchase is value for money using a simple calculation which is to divide the purchase price against the weight of the powder. E.g $70 (purchase price)/90g (weight of the powder) = $0.78 per gram of marine collagen. Maeraki’s Pure marine collagen is priced at $0.29 per gram which we can proudly claim to be one of the best price premium marine collagen powders on the market.

Synergistic ingredients

Radiance is more than just a marine collagen powder. Radiance also contains other ingredients such as acerola berry, sea buckthorn and aloe vera inner leaf which are nutrient-dense foods for healthy skin, hair and nails. These ingredients work synergistically to amplify the Vitamin C absorption and increase the collagen production in our body.

High bioavailability

Bioavailability determines how well the nutrients can be absorbed by our body. Marine collagen is viewed as more superior to bovine collagen because it is more bioavailable and has higher concentration of type 1 collagen. The lower the molecular weight (Dalton) of the marine collagen, the faster the collagen can be absorbed by our body. Maeraki’s marine collagen is one of the lowest molecular weights on the current market, only at 2000 dalton.

After taking into consideration of all the key factors mentioned, Maeraki prides itself as an affordable luxury brand. Radiance is truly the one beauty powder that you cannot miss having in your daily life!

Sustainably sourced

We care about the Earth that we live in and thus we want to play our part to earth’s sustainability. Our Pure marine collagen is MSC certified which means it can be traced back to a sustainable fishery.  Sustainable fishing respects the ecosystems by maintaining the fish population in the ocean at a productive and healthy level, thus ensuring the people who depend on fishing will be able to maintain their livelihoods. All our packaging such as our scoop, jars, packing tape and peanut void fillers are either biodegradable or recyclable.


Written by Maeraki team