Tips to flourish in 2021

We made it! 2020 was not the year many of us expected or planned for. Routines went out the window, we missed our families and friends around the world, working from home became the new normal and wearing face masks and using hand sanitiser became second nature. As we look forward to the year to come, we are here to offer you some tips and tricks to take control of 2021, regardless of what the year brings.

Keep active

As we head into the New Year, there is often a lot of pressure to set New Year’s resolutions. These are often associated with appearance and body image. This year, we encourage you to be active, not for the way it makes you look, but the way it makes you feel. Whether it be practicing yoga, going for a run or riding your bike, there are a range of way to keep active, so you feel strong. A systematic review on the Journal of Aging Research estimated a net increase in life expectancy of at least 2-4 years with physical activity so keeping active is paramount to a long and healthy life.

Eat healthy

Food is the body’s fuel. Making healthy choices when it comes to food is important to keep your body nourished. Here at Maeraki, we encourage consuming whole foods as they are natural and free from preservatives and additives that may harm your body. This is what our products are made from. When you incorporate a range of whole fruits, vegetables and grains in your diet, it does not only give your body essential vitamins and minerals, but it also fuels you with energy remain active and achieve your goals. If you are worried that you aren’t getting enough nutrients, here at Maeraki Australia, we have a range of natural supplements that can assist you. 

*We always recommend visiting your doctor for professional nutrition advice.

Spend less time on your phone / computer

With COVID-19 making working from home the new norm, we find ourselves sitting in front of our computers and phones even longer with meetings done remotely. The 1 hour before you go to bed is crucial to ensuring you have a good night’s sleep. Many people don’t know that the blue light that your phone and computer emits, affects your body’s ability to fall asleep as it blocks melatonin. Try switching your phone off a few hours before you go to sleep to see how this affects you! Computers and phones these days all have a night light (or blue light filter) feature in built as well so make sure you have these switched on to reduce this as much as you can at night.


COVID-19 impact has highlighted the importance of mental health and journaling is a great way to manage this, to keep yourself motivated and on track to achieve goals. As we head into the new year, treat yourself to a new planner. Try spending 30 minutes before bed, reflecting upon your day and identifying goals you wish to achieve in the next week. You’ll find that you are able to better cope with stress, prioritize and over the long run manage anxiety.


Do you struggle with focusing? Meditation is a great way to settle your mind. Each day, try and find time to sit and meditate. It doesn’t need to be for long, even five minutes will help! Meditation helps with mental health as is calms the mind and reduces the bodies production of cortisol level.

We hope these tips and tricks help you conquer 2021! After the year that was, now more than ever we need to take care of our minds, bodies and souls. Head into the New Year with an open heart and an open mind to be the best version of yourself.


Take care everyone.


Written by Maeraki team