Why should you care about wild caught fish?

At Maeraki Australia, we recommend Marine Collagen as the superior choice for collagen when looking for beauty supplements. Check out our Guidelines for Collagen Selection if you have not taken collagen supplements before as it will help to decide which type of collagen would suit you. Collagen supplements can actually come from various sources including marine, bovine or porcine so it is imperative for you to decide which source is your choice. In this article, we shed some light on what makes one marine collagen stand out more than the other.

Where Do The Fish Come From: Wild Caught vs Farmed Fish

natural wild caught fishDeep ocean fish, thriving in the natural habitat

Wild caught fish are caught in its natural environment which are predominantly from the ocean whereas farmed fish are from cultivated fisheries. Wild caught fish are typically caught from the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean where the fishes live in their complex natural habitat and eat their natural diet. Studies have shown that wild caught fish have higher nutritional value compared to farmed fish due to a more balanced diet coming from their natural habitat so this makes this a better choice as a collagen ingredient. Most importantly, wild caught fish are known to be free from contaminants and toxins compared to farmed fish.

Farmed fishFarmed fish, overcrowding in a control environment

Farmed fish are raised in aquacultures in a ‘controlled’ environment. More often than not, thousands of fish are placed in these crowded aquacultures. This significantly increases the risk of disease, bacteria and parasites as a result of the water being easily contaminated. Additionally, farmed fish are given fish feed instead of their natural diet, uneaten fish feed can become toxic as it will release toxic ammonia and nitrite as it decomposes. When a disease breakout in an aquaculture, it will have to combat this by administering chemicals and antibiotics. All these risk factors make farmed fish not the ideal choice as an ingredient as these toxins can land into the final product.

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

The main concern with wild caught fish is overfishing due to the tremendous demands of consumers. This is why the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), which is an international non-profit organization sets standards for sustainable fishing. With MSC certified products, you can rest assure that they can always be traced back to a certified sustainable source and is environmentally friendly.

Pure Marine Collagen

With our latest launched Pure, the marine collagen is 100% pure marine collagen peptides made from the skin of wild caught fish from the Atlantic Ocean and is also MSC Certified. It is fully traceable, free from toxins and complies with the strictest European Union and Australia food regulations.

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Written by Maeraki team.