Maeraki Marine Collagen Radiance
Radiance - Marine Collagen Original, 240g
Radiance - Marine Collagen Original, 240g
Radiance - Marine Collagen Original, 240g
Radiance - Marine Collagen Original, 240g
Radiance - Marine Collagen Original, 240g
hydrolysed marine collagen bioavailable absorption skin hair nails
Maeraki hydrolysed collagen powder wild caught fish skin hair nails
Radiance hydrolysed marine collagen wild caught fish skin hair nails

Radiance - Marine Collagen Original, 240g

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Radiance contains marine collagen powder with added antioxidant rich ingredients to protect our cells from free radical damage and support a healthy glowing skin.

The natural collagen production in our body declines due to age, lifestyle and UV light which accelerates premature ageing. Radiance contains one of the highest concentration of marine collagen in Australia, providing 8000mg per serving to meet the collagen demand in our body. Our marine collagen is low in molecular weight which makes it highly bioavailable, derived from skin only of wild caught fish and has been clinically proven to show results to your skin, hair and nails as early as 4 weeks.

Radiance is supercharged with Tomato Extract, Aloe Vera, Sea Buckthorn and Acerola Berry to further amplify the benefits of marine collagen. These nutrient rich superfoods help to boost natural collagen production and protect our cells from UV damage thus slowing down aging signs.


  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Increases skin hydration
  • Increases collagen density
  • Boosts natural collagen production
  • Protects and repairs skin from UV damage
  • Reduces oxidative stress on cells
  • Improves growth and health of hair and nails
      100% natural gluten free wild caught fish

      Wild Caught

      Wild caught ocean fish are free from pollutants and preservatives. Wild caught fish are not as prone to disease because they live in their natural habitat which does not need constant monitoring and they are not injected with any chemicals to keep them healthy.

      Skin Only

      Our marine collagen is derived only from the skin of the fish. Fish skin is a by-product of fish which helps to reduce impact to the environment. Marine collagen made from fish skin undergoes less processing as fish skin is soft, so the collagen can be extracted completely natural with heat and enzymes, without using any harsh chemicals. Marine collagen made from fish scales on the other hand requires acid to melt the scales which might affect the collagen activity and are not fully natural for long term consumption.

      Low Molecular Weight

      Our Marine Collagen is a type I collagen and is one of the finest in the world at only 2000 Dalton molecular weight so it is highly bioavailable for the body to absorb. Bioavailability defines how fast the nutrients can be extracted from the food to be transported and absorbed into our bloodstream. The lower the Dalton molecular weight, the higher the bioavailability and the faster it is to be absorbed by our bloodstream to trigger health benefits.

      Quality assurance

      Our marine collagen is guaranteed by health certificates to be fit and safe for human consumption as each batch of our marine collagen is tested for heavy metals and other contaminants. They only come from establishments registered by the European Union for the production and import of edible fish. 

      Hydrolysed marine collagen (80%), natural flavour, tomato plant extract (lycopene), organic acerola berry, wildcrafted sea buckthorn, aloe vera inner leaf, natural sweetener (stevia extract).

      Contains Fish Ingredients.

      Radiance is made in Australia with combination of locally grown and imported ingredients. Radiance is formulated using only natural wholefood ingredients where all the vitamins and minerals that you received are 100% directly from the food source and strictly no synthetic or lab created vitamins. 

      All powders may vary in colour from batch to batch. The colour variation in Radiance is due to the tomato extract being a natural ingredient and is subject to seasonal changes. We don’t use artificial colours, flavour enhancers such as maltodextrin and preservatives to standardise the appearance of this product as we believe that nature in its purest form.

      Discover more about the ingredients here.


      Servings per package: 24

      Serving size: 10g


      Avg qty per serve

      Avg qty per 100g


      141 kj (34 cal)

      1409 kj (341 cal)


      7.5 g

      75.6 g

      Fat, total

      0 g

      <0.1 g


      0 g

      0 g


      1.4 g

      13.6 g


      0.09 g

      0.9 g


      1 mg

      12 mg

      Hydrolysed marine collagen

      8 g

      80 g

      Vitamin C

      120 mg (300% RDI*)

      1200 mg


      20 mg

      200 mg

      *RDI – Recommended Dietary Intake

      1.Mix 1 flat scoop (10g) in 250 - 400ml of cold water, smoothie, yoghurt or your favourite drink.
      2.Take 1 -2 serves daily in conjunction with a healthy diet and adequate water intake. Can be taken along with other Maeraki products.
      3.Radiance is designed to synergise with Harmony or Regenerate for optimal benefits.
      4.Close package immediately after use. Due to the active ingredients in the product, it has to be stored in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight.